Massage Therapy Mailbag

Letters to the Massage Therapy 101 Readers' Mailbag have been submitted by visitors to this website. Please understand that this mailbag gets a large number of questions, however our team of editors will do their best to answer all of your questions as promptly as possible.

Before submitting a question to the mailbag, please view the list of topics to see if your question has already been answered.

Questions will appear in the Mailbag with your surname omitted.

Keep in mind that Massage Therapy 101:
  • Does not reply directly to questions via email.
  • Does not sell products through this website. Therefore, we cant help you find specific supplies or equipment.
  • Does not make referrals to manufacturers or suppliers.

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In the meantime, please remember to bookmark this site and check the Mailbag regularly for new questions and answers!

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