Massage Therapy Apprenticeship


I am looking into a career in massage therapy and I wanted to know if its legal to learn as an apprentice instead of going to a school?


- Rena


Great question, Rena. Most states and provinces in North America require that you become registered as a massage therapist before you actually begin practicing. Typically, you are required to attend a government approved educational facility where you must pass the board exams. However, shadowing or apprenticing with a licensed massage therapist before you pursue schooling would be a great idea. That way you can find out if a Massage Therapy career is exactly what you would like to get into.

Serving a Massage Therapy Apprenticeship will familiarize you with the job profile and many different aspects of the profession, plus you will definitely learn a lot seeing an actual massage therapist working on clients. An apprenticeship is a perfect way to get off on the right foot before starting school, a career or practice, and it will be of great benefit in the long run. Browse the links in the Massage Therapy Schools and Training section to find out more information about pursuing a career in massage therapy.

Best of luck!


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