Erotic Massage

Erotic massage kits are a great way to spice-up one’s love life. Let’s face it - sometimes we all need a little help getting in “the mood”, especially with the stresses that come with day to day living. What better way to bring that romantic spark back into a relationship than with an erotic or sensual massage kit! Let's just get one thing straight. An everyday backrub is not a sensual massage. A sensual or erotic massage is an intimate experience between you and your lover which usually involves nudity and intimate touching.

Depending on the particular erotic massage kit, they each come with a different variety of fun and stimulating massage items to be used with that special someone. The kits usually include either manual self massage products or massage tools that produce a vibrating effect all on their own.

Firstly, you must set the mood. This includes turning off distractions such as cell phones, lowering the lights, lighting candles or incense, putting on some romantic music, and making use of massage oils. Sensual aromatherapy massage oils are almost always a part of any erotic massage kit. These massage oils come in a variety of sweet smelling aromas that are used to provide a nice slippery surface for the massage. Each kit usually includes a number of different scents, and some of the warming lotions may even be flavored and edible.

Games and spinners are another part of many erotic massage kits. Games allow for the growth of intimacy and trust in a relationship while enjoying the pleasures of each others bodies. Most games include different massage experiences and techniques to try. Spinners are a type of dial where you perform on your partner whatever erotic action the spinner lands on. This helps add a sense of adventure and excitement to the bedroom.

Another item that you might find in the massage kit is handheld vibrating massagers. The battery operated massagers can be used in conjunction with manual massage by the hands, or can pleasure your lover all on its own. A few of the other items that come in some erotic massage kits are bubble bath, blindfolds, tea lights, heating pads, scented candles, and creams Massage Cream and lotion.

For those of you who are not that skilled in the massage therapy sector, many of these kits come with guides that provide some tips and tricks on pleasurable massage techniques. Some kits provide books and illustrated guides on sensual massage, while others even include erotic massage DVDs.

Erotic massage kits are a great way to bring the romance back into your life. They are also a perfect way to explore yourself and your partner, as they open up the lines of communication. Erotic massage kits come in all sizes and forms so I’m sure you can find one that’s just right for your love life.

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