Massage Equipment

If you've chosen massage therapy as your career - congratulations! A position as a massage therapist can be fast-paced and limitless for a person who enjoys helping others learn to slow down and improve their lives by introducing them to alternative medicine.

As of late, the public's demand for massage has been dramatically high. In fact, a study conducted by The American Massage Therapy Association estimates that consumers spend approximately $6-billion dollars annually on massage therapy.

A certified massage therapist can land rewarding work in various environments - including first and foremost a massage therapy clinic. However, employment opportunities also exist in chiropractic offices, with professional athletes or sports teams, in spas, nursing homes, hospitals, health clubs and if you want to travel - aboard cruise ships. The opportunities are really endless.

If you plan to open your massage therapy business - either in an office, at home or on the road - you will need the following massage equipment to provide clients with the basics:

Extras might include:

If you plan to make your massage business portable, you will require:
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