Massage Tables

Massage TablesEvery massage therapist relies on a good table! Your first job will be to decide what type of table you will need.

  • For house calls or on-site treatments, portable tables are generally used because they are lightweight and compact.
  • If you are combining other therapies you may want a hydraulic or electrically adjustable table.
  • For sports massage, an extra strong top, lightweight foam and durable vinyl are a necessity.
  • For Reiki and Reflexology, tables come with special end panels for comfortable, effortless access to clients while seated.
  • For Shiatsu, look for a convertible table that simply and instantly folds flat to provide a firmly padded work surface for kneeling.
  • For Feldenkrais, choose the lowest height range and firmest foam for maximum stability and sensory feedback.
  • For Cranio-sacral treatments, you'll need a firm but comfortable table with leg room at the head and foot of the table for seated work.
  • For spa treatments, you may want a multi-adjustable table or a wet treatment table.
  • For on-site treatments a desktop unit or portable massage chairs are useful.

Generally speaking, here are some factors to look for when purchasing a massage table:
  • Strength
  • Stability
  • Density of the foam
  • Durability of the vinyl
  • Versatility
  • Warranty
  • Affordability
Massage tables also come with a variety of accessories, including:
  • Adjustable face rest
  • Classic face rest
  • Face hole
  • Pregnancy table option
  • Arm rest shelves
  • Side arm rests
  • Bolster arm rests
  • Table extenders
  • Foot rest
  • Carry cases
  • Upholstery options
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