Reflexology Kits

Reflexology kits contain all the basic tools needed to help a beginner learn about the ancient art of reflexology. They are a great way learn about the practice of reflexology and how to perform the massage on others. Even if you are just the least bit curious, reflexology kits are a great way to discover more.

Some of the reflexology kits are specifically labeled as beginner’s kits. They contain a reflexology chart that maps out the various pressure points of the hands and feet. The chart shows you which areas of the hands and feet match up with what body parts. A reflexology book is provided to give you an overview of the history of reflexology, as well as to provide you with information on the various techniques of the art form. Instructional videos or DVD’s are also included in a beginner’s reflexology kit. Other items that may be included are a reflexology log book to track your massage sessions, or a reflexology tool which is specially designed to stimulate the pressure points of the body.

There are reflexology kits available for those who simply want the supplies needed to deliver a wonderful reflexology massage. These kits are designed for those who already know a little bit about reflexology. They either include a pair of reflexology gloves or reflexology socks that map out the various parts of the body, making it easy to deliver the massage. A DVD or reference manual provides a brief description of the pain relieving pressure points of the hands and feet. Some of the kits even include a wooden reflexology foot roller that stimulates the pressure points on the feet and delivers fast relief. The mini roller can be used anywhere to deliver a soothing mini-massage. Finally, a relaxing music CD comes with some kits so that you can enjoy the full massage experience. The soothing sounds of the CD are great for meditation or other massage treatments.

Some of the reflexology kits will be based specifically on foot reflexology. These kits include the reflexology socks, as well as other foot pampering treats. Foot exfoliants and fragrant foot moisturizers are some of the added pleasures found in a foot reflexology kit. The contents of the kits are usually packaged in a decorated, keepsake box.

Once you learn the techniques of reflexology you can help eliminate symptoms such as back pain, sinus trouble, headaches and migraines, high blood pressure, indigestion, and poor circulation. The reflexology kits make it fast and easy to learn the invigorating techniques of reflexology massage therapy. 

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