Choosing a Massage School

Professional standards for both individuals and massage training programs have greatly advanced and increased over the past few years. But the standards in the field are not always uniform.

It pays to do your homework before choosing a massage therapy school

Here's a checklist of things to consider:
  • Determine whether the school is going to be in the same area where you will be living and working, since massage therapy is not regulated the same everywhere.

  • Find out whether the school is recognized by the organization you will be licensed or registered through.

  • Check if the school has been approved by a credible accreditation agency. This is important since it shows the program has gone through rigorous objective inspection and demonstrated that it meets high standards and that it will adequately prepare the students for regional, national or international examinations for licensing purposes.

  • Consider if you want full or part-time studies. Not every school will offer both.

  • Request a school brochure to see if it offers the massage curriculum you are searching for.

  • Ask the individual schools about their philosophy regarding teaching and massage therapy.

  • Check to see if the school offers open houses or short introductory courses. This can be useful to find out what the school is like.

  • Interview or contact some graduates to get their views and opinions.
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