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Massage is a healing art as well as a science. Balancing the two requires a unique individual.

Massage therapy is the fastest growing segment of natural health care, due largely to the growth in public demand for alternative approaches to health.

Each year, thousands of people pursue careers in massage therapy. Typically, these are individuals who are interested in different types of therapies that promote well-being and a higher quality of life.

Still, there are over 100 different massage therapy techniques available today, and it's hard to know where one should start!

If you are uncertain of the type of bodywork you want to pursue, getting an education as a massage therapist first is a great way to begin and to set the groundwork for your future career. You can easily expand from your massage therapy training, and add new therapies to your practice in the future.

The following pages will introduce you to massage therapy training and schools, and help you get started toward a great career!

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