Aston Patterning

Aston patterning is a method of physical training developed by Judith Aston based on her Aston paradigm. It is an integration of deep tissue work, massage, and movement education.

The Aston paradigm is a series of Judith’s realizations about human existence. It includes awareness of the body’s natural function and form, learning patterns, personal expression, and the environment. The key to the paradigm is the understanding that each body is unique and is an asymmetrical structure that adapts to its changing environments.

Aston patterning was created by Judith by applying the Aston paradigm to the human mind, body and spirit, as well as ergonomics - which is matching function and movement to the environment. Using this approach means that the therapy encompasses the whole body, and how each part and problem area are treated in relation to the whole.

The therapy involves four main areas:
  • Bodywork (tissue and muscle massage)
  • Fitness exercises
  • Re-structuring body movements
  • Changes in the work and home environments to suit an individual’s specific needs.

The main goal of Aston patterning is to encourage good health and well being of the body through improving the way it functions and moves.

Patients are evaluated individually as each person has different, specific needs. Sessions are usually done one-on-one with the therapist, lasting between 1 to 2 hours. The number of sessions will depend on the severity of the needs of the patient. Typical sessions include bodywork and massage to relieve pain and tension; lessons and training on improving posture and common functional movements - such as sitting, standing and walking; muscle stretching and strengthening exercises; and finally instruction on how to improve one’s work and home environment to promote healthier posture and to better suit the functions of the body. The therapy sessions also take into consideration one’s personal beliefs, typical moving patterns, lifestyle, mind and spirit, personal expressions and their body has a whole. Her techniques help to teach people the proper way of moving and using their body in order to relieve everyday aches and pains and avoid injuries.

Aston patterning can help patients in many areas of their life and can be used to help a number of problems. For instance, it’s used to help athletes achieve higher sports performance. Aston patterning looks at how athletes use their bodies during sports to help produce optimum performance through muscle toning and proper body movements.

The therapy is beneficial to seniors because improving movement patterns can help people remain vital and strong as they age.

Aston patterning offers ways to minimize the dreaded effects of repetitive movements on the body that many people experience on a daily basis.  The sessions teach the patient how to modify their work space so that it fits their body functioning to eliminate pain and work injuries.

Spending long periods of time driving in the car can also have uncomfortable and painful effects on the body. With Aston patterning products and lessons in ergonomics, the patient is taught how to modify their car to fit their individual body.

Helping to reshape the way the body moves can help the patient in achieving total body fitness. The Aston patterning program helps teach the patient the proper way to exercise, tone, stretch, and do cardiovascular workouts for optimal health and results.

The therapy can also help people become more efficient in their daily chores and activities. General tasks such as gardening and carrying groceries all have the potential for making the body sore. However the patterning therapy makes these daily tasks easier by destroying old body habits, and teaching one how to move more efficiently, eliminating fatigue and stiffness.

Finally, Aston Patterning is beneficial in preventing injuries and helping those who have hurt themselves in the past to recover from their injuries. After an injury the body adjusts in a way to reduce further pain, but does not return to normal after healing occurs. Aston patterning can help patients speed recovery through bodywork and fitness and help break the injury cycle.

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