Bach Flower Therapy

Can the essence of a flower cure all of your woes?

In a nutshell, Bach Flower Therapy is centered around flower essences that are recognized for their ability to improve one's state of well-being by eliminating negative emotions and opening the mind to the free-flow of positive feelings.

British doctor Edward Bach believed in the homeopathic use of flower remedies to resist illness, improve mental state and enhance personal growth and overall wellness. These flowers were reduced to an essence, which was mixed with brandy as a preservative. People would take a certain number of drops at certain times of the day to alleviate their mental symptoms.

Bach identified 38 remedies - made up of wildflowers - and the conditions he thought his specific remedies addressed. According to the Bach Centre, the aspen flower, for example, should be taken by people who fear unknown or unseen things, while a remedy made of the essence of red chestnut is ideal for people who are overly concerned for the welfare of their loved ones.

Does this sound like hooey to you? If it does, then Bach flower therapy is definitely not for you. However flower therapy isn't that unlike herbology. Dr. Bach created the therapy in the 1930s, claiming to have intuitively arrived at his remedies. He said that the flowers he used in his treatments had souls, or energy, of their own and that each kind was specially attuned to balancing certain human emotions via their vibrations. However, Bach Flower Therapy does not consist of herbal remedies alone. It's used in conjunction with traditional counseling to treat stress-related disorders, mood imbalance, anxiety and emotional issues. Specific remedies will treat certain emotions - for example sadness, despair, anger, shyness, fear and various phobias.

As you undergo the therapy, you will take a tincture of water, mixed with a tiny bit of brandy (for preservation) and the vibrations of one of Bach's 38 different flower remedies, four times daily. The treatment is applied to your pulse points or taken internally until the unhealthy emotions disappear. As the remedies have no preventative properties, there is no need to take them in the absence of symptoms.

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