Belavi Facial Massage

A belavi facial massage is a form of massage that is performed on the face, but it also involves a number of specific facial techniques. The procedure includes a number of steps, all aimed at the goal of achieving healthier, younger looking skin. The steps of belavi include an exfoliation to remove dead skin cells on the face, acupressure treatment, a deep facial cleansing, a facial massage using fine-grade massage oils, warm towel wraps, and facelift creams and moisturizers.

There are many benefits to a belavi facial massage. One is relaxation. Just like any other form of massage, a face massage also offers great enjoyment and relaxation. A belavi facial massage is more relaxing however than other treatments, because it allows the muscles to go into a deeper state of relaxation. The quick fingertips of the therapist stimulate the many layers of the skin, which helps to improve circulation and strengthen the facial muscles. It is important for the facial muscles to be massaged on a regular basis because they are constantly being used all day long. Massaging certain pressure points on the face allows the release of good energy flow that is normally stopped by stress, poor diet, or illness. This can have energizing effects. Not just the face is massaged during the therapy, the hands and feet are also massaged while the face is wrapped in the warm towel.

Better looking skin is another benefit of the treatment. The stimulation from the massage energizes the skin and gives it a natural glow. It also helps to improve the oxygen flow to the facial tissue, leaving it looking healthier. The exfoliation of dead skin cells cleanses the face by revealing the layer of healthy skin underneath. The deep facial cleansing step of the treatment removes any toxins from the skin, leaving it looking fresh and healthy. And afterwards, the therapist applies belavi’s cosmeceutical-grade moisturizers and corrective creams. These help to keep the skin looking soft and healthy, and to help minimize any fine lines or wrinkles. The towel wraps are used to help keep the skin looking gorgeous by sealing in moisture.

Firmer skin is yet another benefit of belavi massage. It does this through tightening and toning the facial muscles. The toning benefits improve with each facial massage, so the more treatments the better. The belavi facial has been known to make the skin look firmer and reduce the appearance of wrinkles, which is why many women love this form of facial therapy. This is also why the massage is sometimes referred to as the “face-lift” massage. Many women get belavi facial massages as a way to achieve healthy, younger looking skin without going through the pain and expense of cosmetic surgery.

Belavi massage can help with a number of skin problems - including sensitivity, dryness, sagging facial muscles, damaged skin from improper skincare, and a loss of connective tissue. It can also have anti-aging effects by battling the skins two worst enemies: gravity and time. Whatever your skin type, the facial will have positive effects - including clear, blemish-free skin. Usually patients will go through a series of 12 treatments, and pairing this with facial exercises, the anti-ageing effects can be amazing.

Belavi Facial Massage is a deeply relaxing therapy that leaves the patient feeling pampered, and with healthy, improved, beautiful skin!

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