Bowen Technique

The Bowen Technique is a gentle, yet dynamic form of massage therapy thats comprised of small sequences of gentle movements at specific sites on the body in order to balance the nervous system. It was developed by an Australian massage therapist by the name of Tom Bowen, who identified this light, cross-fiber maneuvering of muscles, tendons and ligaments as a means to empower the body's own healing resources.

The effectiveness of the Bowen Technique was recognized in the United States in 1986, during the early stages of its practice. The Bowen Technique is still practiced today for its ability to heal a variety of nervous system dysfunctions or muscular-skeletal injuries including asthma, scoliosis, Fibromyalgia, hip, neck and lower back injuries, muscle pain, arthritis pain, gastro-intestinal ailments, chronic pain relief, anxiety and stress relief.

The Bowen Technique is comprised of a series of precise and gentle hand movements over a clients muscles, bones and connective tissues. Bowen, himself, likened his style of massage therapy to tuning a guitar because it sends harmonic vibrations that balance the body through deep relaxation and can release blocked emotional energy, which can accelerate the healing process. The Bowen Technique has been shown to have positive affects on a variety of age groups - from infants to seniors.

Before your first Bowen Technique session, the massage therapist will conduct an initial consultation in order to identify the specific muscles and tendons that are causing you discomfort. During the first session, the therapist will apply their thumbs and fingers gently to the muscle by moving it in its natural direction. Then the muscle is moved in the opposite direction. This natural and challenged movement of a muscle releases energy throughout the body. Each movement is separated by a 2-minute rest period to allow for the muscle to release its energy into the body before the massage therapist manipulates the next muscle.

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