Breema Bodywork

Breema bodywork is a type of body therapy that involves simple forms of touch and body movement. There are two different types of breema therapy: bodywork and self-breema exercises. Both of these are designed to increase the energy flow of the body and to connect the body with the present. Breema exercises use nurturing touch and gentle body stretches in a nonjudgmental environment to bring mental, emotional, and physical balance for good health.

A typical breema bodywork session takes place on the floor on a padded mat or cushions [Massage Cushions] and the patient remains dressed. The therapist then directs the patient’s body through a series of comfortable yet strategically ordered movements - including firm tension-relieving stretches, muscles leans and pulls, holding of different poses, and many other fun rhythmic movements. The moves are designed to stretch out the muscles of the body in a gentle way as not to cause any form of discomfort.

The exercises of Breema are guided by the nine principles of harmony:
  • Body Comfortable - Breema exercises are designed to be comfortable and relaxing. They target the body as a whole, instead of focusing on individual parts. There is no room for discomfort in this therapy.
  • No Extra - The goal of the therapy is to help the patient express their true nature. Nothing more or extra is needed.
  • Firmness and Gentleness - The exercises are designed to be firm, yet gentle. The key to the technique is that the pressure applied to the body needs to be gentle and firm simultaneously.
  • Full Participation - For the technique to be effective it requires full participation from the patient which includes involvement of the mind, body and feelings.
  • Mutual Support - The giving and receiving of support during therapy must take place simultaneously.
  • No Judgment - Breema bodywork is done in an atmosphere of non-judgment, allowing the patient to feel comfortable and accepted as they focus on the present.
    Single Moment/Single Activity - Each of the specially designed movements are different and function on their own. Each movement is separate and has its own purpose.
  • No Hurry/No Pause - The key to the therapy is a natural rhythm of movements where the therapist does not rush through any of them, nor does he or she pause between movements.
  • No Force - The activities don’t involve any kind of force.

Through therapy sessions, the patient can expect benefits including mental clarity, relaxation of the body and mind, and a balance in emotions and energy. Breema bodywork is a great therapy for those who want more balance and harmony in their life, while nurturing the body at the same time.

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