Color Therapy

Can your favorite hue restore your physical and mental wellness?

Have you ever been in a blue mood? No, I don't mean sad - I mean an actual BLUE mood. What, you don't know what I'm talking about? Well then you've obviously never consulted a color therapist.

Color therapy uses color to rebalance cells and stimulate the healing process within the mind and body. This therapy is based on the belief that colors have both positive and negative effects on the mind and body. Color therapists use colored lights or apply color mentally, through the power of suggestion, as they attempt to restore the body's physical and psychic levels.

Color therapy may not be utterly and completely devoid of value. Oh, sure, it sounds overwhelmingly absurd, but one can imagine scientists discovering, some time in the future, that shining, say, red light into your eyes for a certain period of time has just a smidgeon of an effect on, who knows, endorphin levels in your brain.

However, color therapy goes beyond this. Some color therapists actually claim that merely exposing an injured part of the body to a certain color - and not just light, but color in other forms and materials - can have healing properties.

In chromotherapy, which is also a type of therapy that uses hues for healing, different colors are often associated with different chakras, which, in turn, are associated with different parts of your body and different elements of your psyche.

In an actual color therapy session, your practitioner will talk with you in depth about your current health and emotional concerns. They will also ask you to describe your medical history, as well as any medical issues that exist in your family history. A Kirlian photograph (a photographic image of your aura, the energy that surrounds all living things) is taken before and after each session. The specific treatment plan you will be prescribed will depend specifically on these health and emotional concerns.

When the balancing session begins, you will be asked to lie on a massage table and the treatment will begin. Different colors will be applied gently to your acupuncture points, using crystal gemstones. This treatment is called Esogetic Colorpuncture, and the color and light that the stones emit is thought to penetrate the cellular level and disperse blockages in the body.

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