Crystal-Gem therapy

Put your faith in the stones for inner balance

Crystal healing involves using crystals and matching them with the corresponding chakra to achieve total body balance. Crystal healing practitioners claim that the right stone, when applied to the right person, will promote healing by balancing vibrational energies within the body. If this sounds like hocus-pocus, then crystal-gem therapy may not be for you.

During a crystal-gem therapy session, the therapist will place an assortment of stones on and around the body in a pattern. The pattern is specific to the client, as it traces the chakras, which are the energies within your body. This chakra map is said to harness the essential energy that will encourage the body to heal, and disperse any blockages within. Crystal practitioners believe that certain crystals, such as quartz amethyst or clear quartz, can harness vital bodily energy. The stones are charged with energy from outside sources - similar to charging your cell phone. This energy is then administered and absorbed through the body's aura, supposedly enhancing and harmonizing the body and mind.

In recent years, more than 200 gem and mineral essences have been introduced. Crystal therapy has been used to heal injuries and wounds, to alleviate stress and stress-related disorders, and to provide relief of arthritis and pain. The crystals are taken orally or applied externally to promote mental and emotional health. The crystals are said in particular to aid with the following:

  • Stress relief
  • Improved self-esteem
  • Concentration / mental alertness
  • Creativity / personal development
  • Spiritual / inner harmony and balance
  • Balance during times of change / emotional stress

Obviously different stones are meant to treat a variety of emotional and physical ailments, such as:

  • Amber - treats the solar plexus chakra, which affects the body's digestive system. Amber is used to treat stomach, intestinal and liver troubles. It also alleviates indigestion, ulcer pain and constipation.

    • Amethyst - the beautiful purple-hued stone is thought to harness psychic and intuitive abilities. For this reason it taps into our dreams - treating insomnia and disrupted sleep - to bring about spiritual and subconscious harmony. Amethyst is also a known headache reliever.
    • Quartz - or rock crystal, is thought to stimulate the brain and bring clarity to those in need of it. This may be helpful to those in the midst of a life transition or to an individual with a lot of stress.
    • Green Jade - is the purveyor of wealth, long life and happiness. It encourages the proper function of our most vital organs - the lungs, heart, kidneys and nervous system - which gem therapy with jade cleanses and protects.
    • Mother of Pearl - puts people in tune with their spiritual morals and values. It is helpful in times of stress and turmoil, as it encourages faith and hope when they are needed most.
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