Energy Healing

More and more therapies are being created that incorporate some form of energy healing, but I bet the majority of us still don’t quite understand what energy healing is or how it works.

Everything around us has some form of energy, including our bodies. Each person has areas in their body that store energy and certain energy patterns. These energy storing centers of the body are called chakras. Energy patterns are the result of each event that has occurred across a person’s lifetime. Some of these will be good patterns while some will be the result of unhappy or painful experiences. These painful memories may sometimes get stored away deep in the chakras. However, they don’t go away, but are instead forgotten. These bad energy patterns can cause an imbalance in the whole energy field of the individual (also known as the aura). Over our lifetime, we also absorb a number of negative energy forms, such as anger, fear, doubt, and judgment. Healing techniques that release the bad energy in our body help us to move toward happiness and achieve peace within ourselves.

Energy healing is thus a therapy that involves the rebalancing of energy in the body, which is also known as chakra rebalancing. There are typically two methods to energy healing. The first is to become a very loving individual. It is based on the belief that the healing power of love will fight away any bad energy in the body and restore the energy balance. The second method is recognition and release. Once the person has recognized and become aware of the problem that is keeping the energy of the body unbalanced, the person can let go off and release the bad energy. The belief behind this is that once the person releases all their bad energy, they are putting their trust in a higher power and no longer worrying about maintaining control over how their life will manifest. Combining both methods will lead you on the way to becoming healed.

There are four beliefs behind an energy healing session. The first is that our body has an innate ability to heal itself, and that if we can connect with our body’s innate wisdom it will advise us on the areas that need to be treated. The second belief is that the health of the body is best achieved when there is communication established between all the body systems. A synchronized body more easily adapts to life’s stresses. The third belief is that there will be a specific healing sequence that should be followed. The healing process will be slowed down if the treatment sequence is altered. Finally there is the belief that the more one tunes into and listens to ones body, the more it will guide us towards healing. 

Energy healing can be done at home by yourself, or with the help of a trained energy healer. The energy healer works with the patient to help restore balance and promote overall well-being of the body and soul. The patient’s ability to respond, and their capacity for healing, will affect the results of the therapy.  The patient must have good intention and motivation going into the energy healing process in order to achieve a healed state of being. 

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