Jin Shin Do Bodymind Acupressure

Jin shin do bodymind acupressure was created by psychotherapist Iona Marsha Teeguarden after years of researching about acupressure and meridian theories. Jin shin do is a combination of ancient and modern forms of acupressure that balance the natural energy flow of the mind and body.

It has been said to bring the body into harmony with the way of the cosmos. It is a powerful, yet simple art form that increases awareness and helps to access the healing powers of the body, mind and spirit.

Jin shin do is based on the idea that emotional problems can lead to tension in the body, which in turn blocks the energy meridians (or pathways) in the body. The therapy thus consists of applying firm but gentle pressure on the tension areas of the body using the therapist’s fingers. This helps with the release of muscle tension, creating a harmonious flow of balanced energy through the body and mind. The body will feel greatly relaxed and be placed in a state of harmony, and the patient will have a greater awareness of their body and mind. After a session the body will be relieved of pain and tension and the process also helps to evoke healing energies. The therapist will not press on any open sores or extremely painful areas of the body.

During a jin shin do session the patient is invited into a safe, comfortable environment. The patient remains fully clothed and lays face up on a comfortable massage table. The acupressurist may ask you for your goals of the therapy or any areas of the body that need attention, while assessing the acupoints of your body. Once the therapy begins, the acupressurist will firmly press the energy points of your body, usually beginning with the neck and the shoulders. One finger of the therapist will press on a tension point of your body (called the “local point”), while the other hand will press on a point in the body that will help in the release of the blocked energy (called the “distal point”).

The client may also be asked to take part during the session such as deep breathing or focusing their attention on a particular pressure point of the body. During the session, the patient may experience certain images or sensations which they may choose to explore with the therapist. Upon tension and energy release, you will fall into a state of deep relaxation, often almost falling asleep. To end the session, the acupressurist will again return to the neck and shoulders for further release, move down to the spine for centering, and end at the feet for grounding. People usually feel greatly relaxed and even energized at the end of a session and also have a greater awareness of their energy flow and what they can do to further improve their energy balance.

Jin shin do is beneficial in a number of ways. The main goal is to make the patient aware of the key pressure points of the body and the emotional and physical tension patterns of the body structure. Promoting a healthy life force and flow of energy evokes healing in damaged tissues as well as an overall sense of harmony. Jin shin do has been used to help with shoulder, neck and back pain, headaches, fatigue, respiratory and digestive problems, joint problems, insomnia and emotional and muscular stress.

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