Kinesiology is the study and the detailed understanding of how the human body works, moves and responds to mental messages.

Kinesiology is still a fairly new physical science. It was only introduced under the umbrella of chiropractic medicine in 1964. Its practitioners, called kinesiologists, examine the bodys muscular and structural factors - such as posture and gait in relation to the way the body moves under various situations such as when participating in sports, dance, fitness, at work and when performing every day activities.

If you suffer from any type of physical pain or injury a kinesiologist can make recommendations about how to help the muscle heal by adapting lifestyle changes examples are proper posture, proper sitting and sleeping techniques and proper lifting.

When a person seeks the help of a kinesiologist, the practitioner will study the client as a whole. This is because kinesiology theory suggests that the mind and body are inexplicitly linked and that one has a vital affect on the other. For example, kinesiologists often help professional athletes with mental visualization exercises, which have been known to drastically improve physical performance and reduce mental stress for Olympic athletes that in many cases it has helped them go on to win gold medals.

In addition to professional and Olympic athletes, kinesiologists have also been affective in helping individuals who experience chronic injuries such as sports related strains; debilitating diseases such as Fibromyalgia; gastro-intestinal ailments such as irritable bowel syndrome; and even repetitive stress injuries such as neck, shoulder and back work-related pain. Overall, its the job of the kinesiologist to teach a person to move more effectively and with less pain.

Kinesiology as a science encompasses many physical disciplines such as anatomy, biomechanics, physiology, and mental behavior. Kinesiology as a therapy applies these sciences. During a kinesiology session the therapist will apply a gentle, light finger massage to various pressure points across the clients body, in order to relax and soothe affected muscles, tissues and joints.

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