Mattes Method

The mattes method, also known as active isolated stretching, was developed by Aaron Mattes who has worked with many doctors, patients, athletes, and health care professionals for the last 35 years. He developed a new dynamic form of stretching designed specifically for athletes.

As avid athletes already know, there are a variety of stretching techniques being practiced. One form is the static stretching, which involves holding a stretch between 30 to 60 seconds. Ballistic stretching is another common form. This technique involves bouncing the body to warm up the muscles, but it is no longer widely used because of the possible risk of strain and muscles pulls.

Active isolated stretching is now one of the methods of stretching most used by athletes, athletic trainers, massage therapists and professionals. This method is specially designed to allow the body to prepare for activities and repair itself from injuries and fatigue. The mattes method is a type of myofascial release and muscle lengthening technique that facilitates the effective stretching of the major muscle groups. It also achieves functional restoration of the fascial planes.

For many years the standard of stretching was to hold a muscle in a stretch for up to 60 seconds. But this can cause the buildup of lactic acid because prolonged stretching actually decreases blood flow. This can lead to the risk of injury or irritation to the muscles groups. Aaron Mattes’ technique however, is innovational.

His system of stretching involves holding the stretches for no longer than two seconds each. The stretches are done quickly and gently and each muscle can be stretched up to five times. This allows for the muscle groups to optimally stretch and lengthen without prolonged exposure, which avoids the activation of the stretch reflex and muscle contractions. Without triggering the antagonistic muscle contractions, optimal flexibility and full range of motion can be achieved. Thus, these stretches are highly beneficial without causing any opposing trauma or tension. 

The mattes method is effective because it can improve the athlete’s performance. As people age, their skin and muscles gradually become less elastic. This method of stretching can actually improve the elasticity of the muscle groups and provide renewed energy to the athlete. It also works to reduce muscle tightness, allowing the athlete to move with more freedom and avoid injury. In a way it acts like a deep tissue massage because during the stretching, toxins are removed from the muscles and the muscle fibers are activated. 

It is called isolated stretching because it targets just one muscle group at a time. This allows the athlete to stretch where they need it the most. As a result, each hold is designed specifically to only target one muscle group. This technique is also quick and easy which is good for athletes who claim that they just don’t have time to stretch.

The mattes method can help athlete’s become more efficient, achieve a fuller range of motion, gain greater balance and flexibility, become less prone to injury, to recover from workouts and injuries more quickly, train more easily for strength and endurance, and just overall feel better. The mattes method is a great new method of stretching so why not give it a try!

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