Myomassology is an integrated approach to massage therapy. It’s a mix of many different techniques, including ancient forms and relatively new techniques. Some of these modalities include Swedish massage, reflexology, aromatherapy, iridology, shiatsu, energy balancing, reiki, herbology, cranio-sacral therapy, acupressure, ear candling, and many more. These techniques are then paired with information about yoga, nutrition and diet, mediation, QiGong, and Tai Chi.

Myomassology means the practice of muscle massage. It is probably unlike anything that you have tried before. If you do try this treatment you won’t believe the difference. What makes it unique is that it combines techniques from various disciplines that allows for a full range of treatment. This highly integrated therapy is designed to provide the body with a deep sense of well being, chakra balancing, and pain relief. It touches on all forms of therapies including muscle and bodywork, pain and tension reduction, relaxation, movement therapy, and energy balancing and healing.

This technique was developed at a time when Swedish massage was seen as the only form of bodywork. But massage therapists wanted to develop a massage therapy program that included deep tissue bodywork along with a holistic approach. Thus myomassology was born and it provides a holistic approach to good health which includes the healing and balancing of the mind, body and spirit.

During a typical myomassology treatment session each client is individually assessed by the therapist to determine their specific needs. Therapists who specialize in myomassology were trained to recognize the uniqueness of each client, since that is essential for effective treatment. Once the therapist determines your specific needs then the appropriate therapeutic methods can be applied.

The approach is designed to help reduce the stresses of everyday life through the various massage techniques. It teaches you how to adopt a more positive manner of balancing your energy and provides you with natural health and eating tips so that you can maintain a healthy body, mind, and lifestyle. With all of these techniques combined, you are able to obtain a peaceful, fulfilling existence. 

Myomassology is beneficial to those who have muscle aches and pains, have been injured, need to relax and reduce stress, or simply want to stay healthy and peaceful. Myomassology is a great treatment because you get to experience many of the techniques and therapies that the massage world has to offer!

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