Oncology Massage

Oncology massage is the branch of massage therapy that is specifically dedicated towards cancer patients. It is a way of providing extra care to cancer patients on their journey back to good health. Research has shown that cancer patients do in fact benefit from the therapeutic effects of massage therapy. Oncology massage can also be applied to the patient during any stage of their cancer treatment, including when first diagnosed or when on the road to recovery.

Massage therapy is part of a comprehensive care plan that is created for each individual patient. The patient would first meet with the massage therapist to develop a massage care plan that is right for them. It will be designed around their individual needs and desires to help them gain the most benefits out of the experience. The massage therapy is integrated with all the other aspects of the patient’s treatment, so as to make one giant recovery plan.

Most of the massage therapists trained in oncology have had a personal experience with cancer, whether it was their own personal battle or if they’ve had friends or family who have been diagnosed with the disease. Either way, patients are usually able to relate to the therapist and feel comfortable with them, making it easier to establish a good patient-therapist bond. Also, since the Oncology therapists have been specially trained in working with cancer patients, they know the range of medical implications.

Oncology massage is used as a way of helping cancer patients cope with their many symptoms. It can be helpful in relieving symptoms - such as fatigue, muscle aches and tension, pain, and insomnia. As well, it is beneficial for helping patients cope with emotional problems - such as depression, stress, anxiety, loneliness, and fear. Also, instead of only alleviating the negative symptoms, massage therapy is also helpful in promoting positive characteristics such as improved self-image and concentration. Oncology massage can improve the effectiveness of the various cancer treatments including radiation therapy, chemotherapy, and physical therapy.

Oncology massage is used in hopes that the nurturing touch of massage will connect with the soul and give the patient an attitude filled with hope and courage.

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