Ortho-bionomy is a gentle, osteopathically-based style of body therapy. The word ortho-bionomy translates into, “the correct application of the laws of life.” It was developed by Dr. Arthur Lincoln Pauls and he describes the method as understanding your whole life cycle. He claims that disease or injury is caused by a “misunderstanding” of the body. The method is thus designed to help patients gain an understanding of their body messages so that they can respond to distress signals appropriately.

Through much of Dr. Pauls studies in judo, he learned that through working with the body instead of against it, it could find its own natural balance without having to use any kind of force. By working with the body and exaggerating its own natural postures, the body would permit its own self-healing process to promote better alignment and balance.

Ortho-bionomy works by stimulating the body’s self-balancing and self-correcting reflexes through the proprioceptive reflexes found in the muscles and joints. The therapist will apply gentle compression and movement to the body to find its natural positions of comfort, allowing the body to alter the current stress and pain patterns that are the cause of the problem.

The technique also integrates homeopathic concepts into the treatment. One concept in particular is that problems that can’t be cured from the inside can be cured from the outside. Using a method of gentle touch and positioning, the therapist will stimulate awareness within the individual to help them create a sense of wellbeing and inner balance, both emotionally and physically. Self healing will occur when the inner wisdom becomes recognized and affirmed. They are then able to move away from pain and towards a more healthy and relaxed state of being.

During a typical ortho-bionomy session, the patient remains fully clothed and the therapist will assess the client’s areas of discomfort.  The therapist will apply gentle compression to the body as well as guide the body through a series of movements and postural positions. Feedback is welcome from the patient throughout the session to ensure that the entire process is as comfortable as possible. The therapist does not use any kind of force as the body should be comfortable at all times. The technique usually results in deep relaxation as the tight muscles are loosened. The self-correcting reflexes are activated which allows for the body to naturally start bringing itself back into alignment. The patient may also be given a number of exercises that can be done at home to further enhance the neuromuscular re-education. 

Ortho-bionomy body therapy has been very effective for treating injuries, pain associated with structural and postural imbalances, and chronic stress. It works towards creating improved flexibility, reduction of muscle tension, improved circulation, soothing joints, an increased range of motions, and full body relaxation. The positive effects of the therapy tend to be long lasting. Sometimes just a few sessions is enough to feel the difference, while other times a longer period of time may be needed to help re-educate the body into healthier reactions and responses. It truly is a unique form of body re-education that relieves pain and promotes self healing. Ortho-bionomy shows people how they can be continuously at ease emotionally and physically, and may also have positive effects on their emotions and attitudes.

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