Quantum Touch

Quantum touch is a hands-on, energetic healing technique. It is a form of body awareness that teaches a system of simple breathing that can be learned by anyone. It is mainly taught and practiced to help realign the neck and spine which benefits the other organs and the body as a whole. It has been known to help speed the recovery and healing of bones and to move the bones back into their natural placement within the body.

The quantum touch approach to hands-on healing relies on the principal of life-energy force, also known as the “chi”. Through a combination of different body awareness and breathing exercises, the quantum touch therapist can amplify the patient’s life-force energy. The therapist does this by moving his or her hands over the body, holding a field of high vibrating life-force energy around the effected area. Then, through the process of resonance and entrainment, the patient will be able to match the high vibrational life force of the therapist’s. During this period the patient’s body is then able to do whatever necessary to heal itself. Basically the therapist is evoking the self healing abilities of the patient. The patient remains fully clothed during the session and will usually see or feel results after just one session. The sessions may last between half an hour to an hour.

Quantum touch healing has been used on patients who are suffering from dysfunctions in their body structures and alignment. Curvatures of the spine and bone misalignment have been miraculously cured using this form of healing touch. Some of the results have amazed most chiropractors. The structural realignment caused by this therapy is trauma free and usually has long-term holding patterns. Many of these healings take place in a rapid amount of time, usually within only a few hours. Some structural problems may take longer depending on the severity of the dysfunction. 

The method has provided patients with fast and effective relief from pain from a wide variety of conditions. People have even made such claims that quantum touch can bring relief from symptoms of cancer patients and to even provide pain-free childbirth. It is used to speed up the healing process of various illnesses and injuries. The body has an innate ability to heal itself and quantum touch is used to activate this healing process. Some medical conditions that have benefited from this method of therapy are cancer patients, infections, eyesight problems, hydrocephalus, reducing liver enzyme levels, and many more.

Quantum touch offers a number of positive effects such as rapidly healing inflammation due to injuries, lower back pain, and helping psychological and emotional problems. Some quantum touch practitioners may actually be able to achieve distant healing without physically touching the patient.

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