Sound Therapy

Sound Therapy is a revolutionary listening system therapy based on newly found knowledge about the brain and sound. This complimentary therapy is a form of self-therapy that can be easily used by anyone.

Sound therapy consists of listening to classical music that has been highly filtered. Specially recorded tapes containing the music are played to stimulate the brain and revitalize the ear. This is achieved through the constant alternation of low and high tones throughout the music which forces the stimulation of the inner ear receptor cells. The high frequency sounds received by the ear are then passed along to the brain, which becomes revitalized by the sound. The brain then becomes less tired, more energized, and coaxed towards a lasting state of relaxation.   

The self-help sound therapy is easy to use and takes no time out of your day. The only thing that is required of the listener is that they must first read a book providing basic information about sound therapy and answers any questions they might have. The music and sounds are recorded onto a cassette which will be listened to on a tape player that is able to achieve high frequencies of at least 14 000 Hertz. The only specification is that it has to be listened to through headphones, not speakers. Having a portable listening system makes it easy to fit sound therapy into your daily schedule.

The average adult is required to listen to the sound therapy for three hours a day. This may seem like a lot, but the required time is easy to reach because it can be listened to during almost any daily activity. While you are listening you can also talk, read, exercise, work, watch TV, or even sleep. This is doable because the sound therapy is played at only low volume and so it doesn’t interfere with other activities. Full results from the therapy will take anywhere from six weeks to three months depending on the individual. Listening therapy is also beneficial to children, especially among children who experience frequent ear infections as this can damage the quality of hearing for a period of time.

Sound therapy is so effective that it has a number of benefits: increased energy, relaxation and anxiety relief, general sense of well-being, reduced fatigue, improved hearing, heightened mental abilities, increased voice quality, improved balance, better relationships, and many more. Sound therapy is “music to recharge your brain”!

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