Therapeutic Touch

Do you believe in the laying on of hands?

State of mind is vital for any person who is thinking about getting therapeutic touch (or TT) treatments. In order to embrace this therapy, you must be willing to believe in the body's vital energies - energies that are unseen.

Therapeutic touch claims origin in ancient energy healing methods. Practitioners, primarily nurses, are trained to feel or sense energy imbalances in the patient's body, and to use "laying on" of hands to disperse blocks and channel healing forces to the patient's body. This therapy shares a similar ideology to the energy zones in reiki, and how they are infused with good energy for healing. The therapist uses a light touch or holds his/her hands above the body; the client is usually seated in a massage chair. The therapist uses meditation to identify the energy field around a patient's body, and then to center and strengthen the connection to the patient's energy field using their hands. The therapist does this by scanning the body from head to toe. Their hands are typically held in a horizontal position, side by side with their thumbs touching and their palms facing the patient in a butterfly-like shadow. Again, there is no direct touch between healer and patient. The practitioner will sense the blockages in the body in hot and cold sensations.

Therapeutic touch is considered safe because of its gentle, non-invasive approach. The therapist actually rarely makes contact with the body at all. Therapeutic touch has been applied in an assortment of medical situations, including the care of premature infants, the healing of extensive wounds and the healing of emergency room patients. It is known to induce a state of relaxation within mere minutes.

Because each therapeutic touch session is different - the practitioner will use techniques specific to the client's needs - it is hard to describe what occurs. However many advocates of the treatment claim the following benefits:

  • A sensation of enveloping warmth from the therapist's touch
  • A totally relaxed state
  • The feeling of vibrations of energy coursing through the entire body
  • Intense euphoria and feelings of peace
  • A kaleidoscope of color and beautiful light
  • An intense sense of clarity, inner peace and well-being
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