Trager is an approach to bodywork developed in the 1920s by American medical practitioner Milton Trager. It makes extensive use of touch-contact and encourages the client to experience the freeing-up of different parts of the body.

The approach consists of deep, non-intrusive hands-on work, including fluid, gentle, rocking movements, and simple exercises called Mentastics. The idea is to use motion in the muscles and joints to produce positive sensory feelings that are then fed back into the central nervous system. The result is a feeling of lightness, freedom and flexibility.

A Trager session takes from 60-90 minutes. The client wears a swimsuit or underwear and lies on a well-padded table in a warm, comfortable environment. During the session, the practitioner makes touch-contact with the client in such a gentle and rhythmic way that the person lying passively on the table actually experiences the possibility of being able to move each part of the body freely, effortlessly and gracefully on their own.

The practitioner works in a relaxed, meditative state of consciousness, allowing the practitioner to connect deeply with the recipient in an unforced way, to remain continually aware of the slightest responses, and to work efficiently without fatigue.

The client is then given instruction in the use of Mentastics, a system of simple, effortless movement sequences designed to help clients re-create the sensory feelings produced by the motion of their tissue in the practitioner's hands.

Changes described have included the disappearance of specific symptoms, discomforts, or pains, heightened levels of energy and vitality, more effortless posture and carriage, greater joint mobility, deeper states of relaxation than were previously possible, and a new ease in daily activities.
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