Vibrational Massage Therapy

Vibrational therapy is based on the concept that all matter (including the human body) vibrates at a natural frequency, and that through using resonant vibration, the natural balance of the body can be restored.

Within the body is a polarity system (the polarity of life) that is a system of polar opposites (quite like the Chinese concept of Yin and Yang). Most of us become stuck living life in one of these opposites instead of experiencing a full range of living. This is also known as an energy imbalance. When the body is able to live freely in a balanced state, one will live a much healthier life with the ability to move easily without discomfort. Trauma often occurs in individuals as a result of either too little or too much energy - times when the body is not moving about freely.

When our bodies are stuck in a state where they cannot move around freely, then vibrational therapy is used to encourage the frozen energy of the body to vibrate once again. Vibrations are also used to help any over-excited energy to become still. Eventually the body will be able to find a balance between the two energy levels and will be able to move freely and easily with a full range of motion. Resonance is when the vibration of one form begins to match the vibration of another. Each of the different parts of our being - physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual - will resonate at a variety of vibrational frequencies.

There are many items that have vibrational frequencies that work to stimulate the body’s senses. These include sound, aroma, light, touch, color, sacred geometry, crystals, and gems. Each of theses items can be used in a form of vibrational therapy. Being exposed to various sense stimuli can actually have the power to restore balance in our body and life, and heal trauma. This is achieved through consciously engaging our senses on a regular basis. Through this procedure we are able to make lasting changes in our lives towards health and well-being.

There are also some other vibrational therapy techniques, including tuning fork therapy, reiki vibrational therapy, magnetic therapy, and drum vibration therapy. These many tools each cast their own frequency of vibration. The idea behind it is that by placing these tools beside the body, the cells of the body will begin to vibrate at the same frequency as the tool being used through the process of resonance. This in turn stimulates our body’s energy through vibration. 

Each of the different vibrational therapies has their own benefits. For instance, magnetic therapy is used for relief from sports injuries, pain, swelling, fibromyalgia, and arthritis.
Tuning fork therapy is similar to acupuncture, in that it works to stimulate the energy of the body’s natural acupressure points and energy systems. It heals the body and promotes inner peace and harmony. None of these vibrational therapies are sufficient as a substitute for traditional medicine, but are great complimentary therapies.

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