Zero Balancing

Zero Balancing is a simple, yet powerful hands-on method of aligning body energy with body structure. It integrates fundamental principles of Western science with Eastern concepts of body, mind and spirit.

By correcting imbalances between energy and structure, the Zero Balancing practitioner can enhance physical, mental and spiritual health. A Zero Balancing session consists of gentle pressing, stretching and bending.

A Zero Balancing session generally takes 30 minutes and is done through the client's clothing.

Zero-Balancing therapy was designed by physician Dr. Fritz Smith in 1973, when he decided to invent a way for the physical body to harmonize with the energy within the body. Dr. Smith concluded that to achieve perfect health and happiness, the body must be aligned structurally and vigorously.

A typical Zero Balancing session will commence with the therapist (also called a Zero Balancer) asking the client questions about their current state of life - physically, emotionally and spiritually. The therapist is non-judgmental, so its vital for the client be open and honest for the treatment to be successful. After this initial consultation, the client and the therapist will determine the aims of the Zero Balancing therapy based on the information shared.

The Zero Balancer will approach the session with goals to harmonize both the emotional state of their client (balance mood, stress, etc.) with their physical state (soothing aches, injuries and chronic conditions). The therapist will do this by first asking the client to the lie down face up on a massage table. The client will remain fully clothed during the Zero Balancing session, as no oils or massage lotions are used. The practitioner will start the therapy with a series of traction techniques, which are applied with the fingertips in various pressures from fingertips starting at the feet and moving up the entire body to the clients head.

Zero Balancing is said to be effective in treating a variety of ailments such as stress-related anxiety, chronic headaches, back and neck pain, and by creating an overall sense of well being.

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